A Sailing Weekend, April 2015


On April 24-24 we took Magayon II to a second short cruise around Maya Maya. This time the crew members were Miriam, Mavic and Martin. Kata had to stay home to do school assignments. During the Easter cruise the lashing ropes had settled and the stays were a bit loose, so the first thing to do was to tighten the forestay.



Being a lot more confident we took the reef out of the main and sailed the first time with full sails. Maximum speed was 6.2 knots reaching with a wind speed of 10-15km/h.






We thought of anchoring in the Matabungkay bay for the night but since we left the Marina only at 14:30 and we still wanted to do some swimming at daylight we dropped anchor a bay before that at the foot of Dalton Point and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.





Sleeping with three people on board was OK, but we had to put a lot of stuff in the cockpit over night to make space in the cabins. We definitely need to optimize the amount of gear we are bringing on cruises.


All in all a beautiful weekend.



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