There is a lot of initial work where you don't see the boat taking shape or making progress. Buying wood, building the frame that holds the bulkheads in place until the hull is self supporting.

A solid frame is important. We bolted it to the concrete ground with 8mm screws, just to make sure. I hope our Landlord, IRRI, will forgive us the 6 holes I had to drill in the pavement:-)

When transfering all the measurements from the plans to the plywood boards and trying to maximise the utilisation of the board Miriam said: "Now I see what all this math I learned in school can be used for." Maybe they should make boatbuilding part of the curriculum in schools.



27. September 07: Buidling frame



The fun begins

On 28 September the fun began. The actual work on the boat started and Miriam and Kata got really excited and helped a lot.


Miriam builds Opti

28 September


28 September

Kata building Lemony

28 September


29 September: Daddy had forgotten to drill the Limber holes in the center bulkhead


29 September: Fitting the Keelson

Lemony Upside Down

29 September: 'Hey look, the Opti is actually upside down!'


29 September: At least 4 hours until the Epoxy is dry.


30 September: Fixing the bottom stringers needed some innovative clamping.


30 September: Keelson and two bottom stringers.


 The first problem: Wood quality


4 October: That was a lot more work than it looks like.


4 October: Don't forget the daggerboard opening in the keelson!


4 October

Fitting the bottom stringers at both sides was the most difficult job so far.  The wood we bought at the local wood shop in Los Banos in the Philippines is just too poor quality. Lots of cracks and bends, it is hard to find a straight piece.

One stringer broke right away when we tried to bend it in shape. We then wetted the wood and then bent it in shape slowly over several hours using ropes that we tightened slowly while keeping the wood moist. It did work at the end.


IMG_8176 20 October Fitting and glueing the plywood boards on starboard and port took significant time on two weekend days. We had to buy additonal clamps first after we already had depleted the stock of the local hardware store. Still we did not have enough and therefore we cut around 40 'Krampen' out of the 1/4 inch plywood board. They worked very well for fixing the boards until the epoxy had hardened. 






Lemony sailed well but the bamboo spars were too flexible. It was difficult to rig the sail properly. We bought a proper mast, boom and sprit during our trip to Germany in 2010.
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