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Lake Taal

During weekend expeditions to Talisai at Taal Lake we finally met R., a German married to a Philippina from Bicol. They were jointly running the resort "Milos Paradise" in Talisay and were very supportive to all kinds of water sports. And - they had something that with some goodwill one could call a ramp. The next couple of times we took the boat on very bad roads to Milos Paradise and launched there. We had some great sails, which included one race with Ken and his crew around the vulcano island which took much longer than expected because the wind dropped. In exchange for some drinks from our cooler we finally got a tow from Ken's boat because at that time Magayon did not have a motor yet. Until now the opinions, who actually won the race, differenciate

Unfortunately R. ran into problems with the previous owner and with the local police and succedingly he was shot in the throat. A year later or so he sold the place. Meanwhile Taal Yacht Club had started operation so we moved both boats over there.

Magayon finally got Ken's old seagull motor built in the early 60ies with 6hp which made sailing a bit more convenient. However we first had to replace the ignition cable and finding the information for stetting the timing was a bit of a problem. The solution was finally found in the Internet and from then on we did not need to be towed anymore.

With the initial problems of both boats sorted out we then had some great weekends with typical Taal wind conditions (gusty during the day with stronger winds in the late afternoon) and sailed into some great sunsets. We had both boats out several times which was great fun.

The boats attracted some attention of helpful fishermen who wanted to bring back the boyes thrown overboard for men-over-board manuevers. Motor bangkas (boats) had to be continously observed because their skippers did not have a clue about rules on water. One weekend a helicopter pilot found Magayon so interesting that he came down so close that we almost got in trouble.


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