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First thing was to find a name for the boat. Ken called his boat Maria Makiling after the legendary godess Maria Makiling, who fell in love with a mortal and was punished by the gods by being converted into mount Makiling. In analogy we decided to call our boat Magayon after the legend around the famous vulcano Mayon in Bicol.

Second thing was to get the boat out of Ralfi's driveway. This proved to be more difficult than expected because the gate was about 5cm too narrow. There was no other way, Ralfi had to tear part of his wall down.

Magayon, finished, on the trailer and
ready to be moved out of Ralfi's backyard

Part of the wall had to go

Finally on the road

The trip to Lake Caliraya went surprisingly well given the fact that the trailor had never been used before. Launching was supposed to happen at Caliraya Surf Camp and anticipating problems we brought tents, food and supplies for a couple of days.

Rest on the way to Caliaraya

The Launch

Getting Magayon off the trailor into the water went almost too smooth. The following baptism needed several attempts of Mavic smashing the plastic bottle filled with champaign in which we had carved default break lines. It just did not want to break. Finally it did break and launching could move ahead. After rigging and some fine tuning of the rig Magayon was ready for her maiden voyage.The crew consisting of Boru, Martin and Marhz boarded and off they went. A bit wimpy in the beginning with both sails reefed she sailed beautifully - until the rudder hinges broke two hours later. With Boru hanging out at the back and holding the rudder we made it back to the shore. Despite the little problem with the hinge we were greatly satisfied with the performance of Magayon and packed her up for going home.

The following pictures are not from the maiden voyage but from anohter weekend with Rik and Helmut as crew.

The boat is rigged while still on the trailer

First the light mizzen mast is erected in the front hatch using a specially made bracket

Then the heavy main mast is pulled up into the vertical using the mizzen mast

Once the main mast is in its mast tube the mizzen mast needs to be transferred to aft

Then the main boom is attached to the gooseneck on the main mast

Brown sails?

Fitting the main sail

Same procedure with the mizzen boom and sail

Ready she is. Because winds at Caliraya are quite strong we always needed to reef


With sail covers, ready for the night

Miriam thought it was a great day


Sailing Magayon

Rigging is easy and using a method suggested by Duck Flat Wooden Boats it can be done by a single person. It does not take more than an hour even under unfavourable conditions to get her in the water.

She sails very fast, both on and off the wind and with the wind anywhere she self-steers great with proper trim of the sails. Because both sails are boomed and supported by lazy jacks handling could not be easier.

The draft of only 0.2m with the centerboard up makes the boat ideally suited for accessing shallow beaches and cruising in tropical waters with plenty of corral reefs .

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