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Building Magayon

Building was an adventure. After the first boat was built in the garage at Ken's place Ralfi wanted to build the second one at his house. We hoped to have the main work done before the beginning of the rainy season, so we did not think that this would be a problem. A building contract was drafted with Ralfi getting a certain percentage of the material value as lumbsum for his work.

The hull still upside down on the
building frame

Cockpit The finished hull

Work progressed quickly and the hull took shape, still upside down. It was coated with resin and fiberglass before it was turned over for completion.

Unfortunately the weather gods were not with us and it rained cats and dogs one day leaving 1 foot of water inside the hull. Work was practically stopped until the wood had dried out again. Other factors such as waiting for parts like the rigs, that had to be imported from Australia, slowed down the process. During idle time Ralfi and some friends, who owned a welding set, built a trailor from scrap and second hand automotive parts. Officers at the German TV would dy of instant shock if they would see the trailer, but it served its purpose and nobody seems to care in the Philippines about the condition of vehicles. A winch and other parts were bought in Germay during our home leave. When visiting California we bought the ropes and a lot of second hand parts.

Finally, after almost one year the boat got it's final paint and was ready for launching.

Detailled building page

How much did it cost?

After talking ot Ralfi and calculating the cost of import of the rig and other fittings the first estimate was around DM 15,000.-. However building took longer and some additional expenses were needed, a trailor had to be built. When Ralfi handed over the boat to us the total amount spent was DM 21,018.- including the trailer. Not too bad I assume.

Table 2: Total cost of building Magayon

Cost item Price in 1994
Trailer 830.00
Labor 2731.07
Interior 431.57
Fees 556.14
Rig 7741.28
Hull 7990.60
Electric system 117.88
Fittings 177.20
Others 443.05
Total 21018.79


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