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The Plan

Sharpie drawingFor the next years or so we moved into a big house with an even bigger garden in Los Banos. We soon met Ken, who introduced us to his project of building a Norwalk Island Sharpie. He had employed Ralfi, a local carpenter for the job. Ralfi had done some repair at another boat before. At that stage the hull of Ken's boat, which was built upside down, had just been turned. It did not take long to decide to politely turn down Kens offer to join his building exercise and to decide to get a second boat built. Two boats of the same type promised to be lots of fun. Ken offered to share Ralfis time and provided the contacts to the boat designer Bruce Kirby in the US and to Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Australia who were popularizing the boats Down Under. We immediately purchased a second set of plans.

The Boat

The Norwalk Island Sharpies were designed by Bruce Kirby based on the traditional sharpies. They are fast, easy to sail and their flat bottom and centerboard makes them highly suitable for trailoring and for sailing in the coastal waters of the Philippines where plenty of corral reefs reach close to the surface.

Specifications of the NIS23:



SI units



7 m



5.8 m



2.9 m

Centerboard up:
Centerboard down:


0.2 m
1.4 m

without crew:

1,800 lbs

816 kg

Sail areas:

160 sqr. ft
56 sqr.ft.
216 spr.ft.

14.87 m2
5.2 m2
20.06 m2

Balast lead:

600 lbs

272 kg


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