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Return to the Philippines

After two short assignments to IRRI Martin got a three year contract in 1993 with option for an extension. All of the sudden a certain stability came to our lives, kind of settling down and planning little projects seemed to be not out of the question anymore. Coming from a family where sailing became kind of an obsession - the brother Mathias and his wife Andrea were building the 13 m aluminum yacht Sancara to sail around the world - getting sails to the Philippines was considered.

The first idea was to ship a Hobie. A contest in the German Yacht magazine triggered the idea to built a boat instead. On the 1992 BOOT fair in DĂĽsseldorf the newly designed Martino from Martin Krings was found to be quite suitable for easy construction in a developing country. Unfortunately the drawings were not yet ready so we left Germany in 1993 without any definite plan, just the idea to build a boat.

We were based in Los Banos, a not so sleepy little town with a dormant beautiful vulcano Mount Makiling, which is still covered with virgin forest, for various hot springs, the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, the International Rice Research Institute and outlets of various other international Institutions. Within reach of an hour drive there are two fine sailing destinations, Lake Caliraya and Lake Taal. In two hours Anilao at the sea could be reached. The Infrastructure for sailing with trailer boats was not ideal, in fact initially it was not existent. Boats had to be launched on the beach which always involved dozens of helping hands to free the trailer after it got stuck in the sand.

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