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Thanks for the good time to the following Magayon crew members who joined on one or more trips:

  • Andrea, Bengt, Bettina, Bill, Boru, Brigitte, Chris, Christian, Claus, Edith, Gigi, Helmut, Klaus, Mavic, Mahrz, Miki, Joven, John, Kath, Kite, Mathias, Rik, Riza and her brother, Sophie, Uli, Wet Wet, and others.
  • Thanks to Klaus and Bettina for transferring the boat across the Taal lake and congratulations for surviving their first big test for the trip around the world.
  • Thanks to Ken and Sue for their patience when Magayon was stored at their place for longer than expected.
  • Thanks to Robert Ayliffe from Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Australia who arranged for the purchase of the rig and for shipping the stuff.
  • Thanks to various people at Caliraya surf camp who helped stopping the boat and car when both started sliding backwards into the water.
  • Thanks also for the crews of Maria Makiling: Skipper Ken, Boru, Chris, Kath, Ralfi and friends, Sophie, and more
  • Thanks to the many Filipinos who helped us at various beaches with launching.
  • And last not least thanks to Ralfi and his fr iend for building the boat, repairing and joining plenty of trips on Maria Maliling.
  • I almost forgot: Thanks to Michael (Dr. No) for not allowing us to temporarily store the boat at the Institute.


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