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Setting the Scene: The "Infamous Boat"

During a short assignment to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) we joined a group of IRRI scientists, who jointly owned a boat that was moored in Lake Taal. We had the pleasure to join a sailing weekend on the boat but it was in poor condition with dry rot in many places of the hull. That is why the owners decided to get it out of the lake and transfer it to Puerto Galera on the neigboring island Mindoro, where several boat yards were located. The idea was to get it fixed there.

Sailing on Lake Taal Transferring the boat to Puerto Galera The end of the "infamous boat"

We joined the group who moved the boat. Unfortunately everything that could go wrong went wrong. During the lowering of the  mast John broke through the front hatch. When the boat was on the trailer one of the wheels of the trailer fell off. Once that was fixed and we started to tow the trailer the hitch at the old Toyota Landcruiser broke and it took Saturday night to find a replacement and mount it to the car. The next day the boat was succesfully launched in Batangas, a bangka (outrigger boat) was hired to tow the boat to Puerto Galera and Marhz and Boru went off in tow. During the crossing of Batangas channel wave came on board and flooded the boat through the front hatch. It was in danger of sinking but made it to Puerto Galera with Boru and Marhz bailing water for sheer survival. The boat was then anchored at one of the boat yards. However, the next morning it had disappered. It just sunk. After raising it the specialist advise of the boatyard was to scrap the boat because of the amount of damage and because the Philippien boatyards are used to work with plywood and are not familiar with the way the boat was built using wood strips. In one of this sad moments of life we stripped the boat of all still usable partes and then left it at the boatyard as junk.

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