Patrick River, Mindoro

December 2012. 

Kajak Patrick river Sablayan


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St Patrick river is in Mindoro North of Sablayan, around 30 minutes drive from the town. Usually it has too little water to do some river rafting on it but when there was some rainfall the day before it has sufficient water to go down with kajaks or canoes with some level 2 white water rapids. We did it two times already and it is a great trip for a family, exciting but not too dangerous. Access is also realtively easy at both, entry and exit points. We usually launch at the bridge of the main road and exit at the ford of the old road. 


Patrick River  Patrick River Patrick River

 Figure 2: Left: Whole route; Center: entry point; Rigth: car access for exit point.

There has been a lot of construction in the last year and river bank fortifications have changed the situation every time we got there. However, is a small house next to the northward end of the bridge with a driveway that can be used to access prepare the boats before entering the river. In 2012 we were even able to drive down the Revo there, but getting back up was a bit of a problem without having 4 wheel drive.


 Kajak Sablayan 2012  Kajak Sablayan 2012

Figure 3: Left: Inflating the boats; Right: Carrying the boats down to the river bank.


Kajak Sablayan 2012  Kajak Sablayan 2012 

Figure 4: Getting Ready


The road runs parallel to the river and there are two points with a view on the river, so any accompanying person can take photos of the paddlers, but you will need a proper tele lens because the river is quite far away.


Kajak Patrick River, Mindoro, Philippines Kajak Patrick river Sablayan


Kajak Patrick river Sablayan Kajak Patrick river Sablayan

 Figure 5: Along the way


Kajak Patrick river Sablayan Kajak Patrick river Sablayan

Figure 6: Resting on the river banks


Kajak Patrick river Sablayan Kajak Patrick river Sablayan

 Figure  7: At the exit point.

This takes around 3-4 hours depending on how much you rest. There woudl be the option to continue to the river mound, but from here on the water is quite calm and it woudl involve a lot of paddling.


To be continued.


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