Epic Motorbike Trips

Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nickelson was cool, but we had our own share of cool motorbike trips. Here are some of our own classics.



Lago Maggiore, Late Seventies

Cool Pictures

Easter can still be bloody cold in Europe, especially when you cross the Alps. Mathias and I decided to visit a friend, a doctor's son, whom's dad had an appartment in Luino at the Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy. I had just restored a 1951 BMW R25/2 while Mathias had rebuilt a Honda CB125J that had suffered from a bent frame after an accident. It was converted into a chopper by fitting a chopper handle bar from a Honda CB185, without any legal registration of the modification.  Who cared about these things anyway. The picture shows Mathias with the two bikes at a forced stop. My old R25 had suffered from an overheated engine after climbing a mountain pass. Thirty minutes later, after the engine had cooled down, we could continue the trip, arrived the same day in Luino and spent an exciting 10 days in Italy waking up to spring.


Around Mindoro, February 2012


Over a few beers at the Pandan Island beach bar during the Christmas Newyear vacation in 2011 we talked about a bike trip to circumvent Mindoro and at the same time look at some potential beach property in the southers parts of the island. In February Boru and I went to Batangas port where Margit and Adriana joined us on their heavy metal Honda Shadow. We crossed the Batangas Channel to Abra de Ilog by Ferry and made it to Pandan Island on the first afternoon. After some more drinks at the beach bar we spent a night on Pandan and then Radek and Denis joined us on their own dirt bikes for the rest of the trip. With some difficulties we crossed the mountain ridge using the only available dirt road, which was particularly hard for the two girls on the Shadow.


But we managed a we turned back north through banana plantations to go back to Luzon via Calapan. A fantastic trip with a broken carburator, oil drain screw, several flat tires and a lost boot sole. Nobody will forget this one. 


Mt Pinatubo 2006

Should I go further?

 During the 2006 Easter holidays we went North and had a stopover at Angeles. I rented a 600ccm Yamaha Enduro from NiceBikes and while the family went to Fontana Water Park I went to Mt. Pinatubo. The guard at the entrance to the vulcano park wanted to join me but not on his own bike, he wanted to sit on the back of mine. I politely refused, paid the entrance fee and drove up the mountain alone. I did no make it up all the way to the crater and I did not want to leave the rented motorbike alone, so I decided to see the crater some other time. Phantastic views and a village of Aetas were the highlights of the trip. 


Rain forest in Puerto Galera, 2006 

Almost ran out of fuel in the forest around Puerto Galera, 2006


Taal Lake, 2005




From Angeles to Baguio, Subic and Bataan, Easter 2007.



Puerto Galera, 2006




Berchtesgaden 2005




For a Cappucino to Italy, 2006

On the way to Italy, 2006

During 2006 I was making good use of his bikes in the Philippines and in Germany. During the home leave I went on a two day tour through the Austrian and Italian Alps with the objective to have some cappucino in Italy. I stayed overnight in the Ötztaal, passed several passes with beautiful windy roads and ended up having my cappucino in Italy before driving back to Germany. 


Tour through Luzon, 1995 


Easter 1995. We, and a couple of IRRI friends, wanted to go to an island on motorbikes, but the ferry was so crowded that we decided to explore Luzon. The trip was an adventure, we took many dirt roads, set up the mosquito net inner tent of our Salewa Sierra Leone on top of the bed in a hotel room in Mauban to fight off the millions of mosquitos. We lost Uli, Joven, and lots of motor oil because I had the Honda XL185 fixed improperly by a local mechanic before the trip. More than a decade later we would follow part of the tour with our inflatables. 


Trip to Pandan Island, 2006




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