The Harley Quinn Bike

After participating in the Motorbuilt Pilipinas in 2016 I got hooked. I won the third price in the Classic category with my BMW R75/5, I had submitted it without any aspirations, just for joining the crowd. It was a great event with lots of nice people. So I am thinking to participate in 2017 too. But what to exhibit? You only can submit a bike once.

Then my daughter said she would ride a bike if it would be a theme bike. Nothing more exciting than having your kids having your passions too. So several texts going forward and backward about possible themes, a few scetches, and then Harley Quinn, my daughters favorite villain became increasingly interesting. 

Heimaturlaub 2016 IMG_7830



The Project Bike

I spent two nights on the Internet trying to find a suitable second hand project bike. Not much success, either too expensive, or not really suitable. I wanted to have a bike that is registered, so the color had to be red. In the Philippines the color of a bike is included in the papers, changing the color invalidates the registration. Stupid rule, since other things that are important for the safety of the rider are not in the papers. Anyway, in order to maintain a registration we needed a red bike.

Then there is this newly opened Rusi shop on the Los Banos National Highway, very close to IRRI Tabon gate. And they had a small red bike, sort of ideal for beginners, and with a front mudgard that looks like Batman's cap, if you have some immagination. And the brand new bike cost less than US$ 1,000. So the decision was made very quickly and we bought the last unit on stock before the 2016 home leave. 

Ohne Titel

 Picture: The bike assembled at the Rusi Shop in Los Banos, doesn't the front fender look like Batman's cap?

The rest of the bike looks quite ugly, lots of plastic, put together by one of the greatest motocycle designers in history. So this will need some major re-work.


Harley Quinn bike


Photo: Chinesische Knick Knack Kiste 



To be continued...


To be continued...



To be continued...



To be continued...







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