BMW R80GS, 1994 model


I bought this bike brand new before we went back to the Philippines in 1993. Originally I planned to ship it together with some personnel effects. The tax savings together with a 10% discount from the dealer that he agreed on because he did not have to take it out of the box and assemble it sounded like a good deal.

Unpacking the bike in Schnait
Unfortunately later I found out, that the Institute I was assigned to in the Philippines did not have the right status to allow it´s employees to import vehicles tax free. I would have had to deposit the value of the motorcycle at the customs office until re-exporting the bike. Knowing government offices in developing countries this did not seem like a good idea.
One of my first trips on the GS

Well, I kept the GS anyway. Every time when we go on a home-leave to Europe I get to ride it and since it is one of the last ones made of it´s kind I am sure it will keep it´s value.

I had bought the GS with some extras, side stand, stone protector and luggage rack. Initially I used a set of very old Krauser bags but I quickly replaced them with aluminium boxes.

Trips took me to many places in Southern Germany, the Elsas, Italy, and France. Bill, a friend from the US, also drove it to Italy and returned it saying it is a monster, he has relatively short legs and always had problems parking it.

The verdict: Simply one of the best travelling motorcycles ever made.


Riding the R80 in Bavaria, Summer 2012

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